How to Fix “OXC000000F” Error in Windows Vista

Published: 26th March 2010
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Winload or Winload.exe file (Windows Vista boot loader) is a program that starts with the booting of Windows Vista operating system. Although not a system file, the Winload.exe file monitors all the applications and records inputs. The file is stored at C:WindowsSystem32 folder. Corruption in this file can occur due to various factors, like improper system shutdown, file system damage, virus infection, application malfunctioning, and operating system corruption. In such cases of Winload.exe file damage, an error message pops up while booting the system. This error message makes the data saved in the Windows Vista based hard drive partition inaccessible. To overcome a booting error message caused due to Winload.exe file damage, the user needs to restore data from an updated backup. However, if the user has forgotten to create a backup or misplaced the drive on which the backup was created, then s/he needs to use an advanced Windows Data Recovery Software.

Consider a practical case, where you receive the underneath error message while trying to boot your Windows Vista based machine:

"0Xc000000f windows failed to boot, WindowsSystem32winload.exe is corrupt or missing"

The error message pops up every time you boot your system. Data saved in your hard drive becomes inaccessible after the above error message appears.


As specified in the error message, the Winload.exe is corrupt or missing.


For complete resolution of the above booting error message, you need to try the below measures:

Boot your system in safe mode and perform startup repair.

Run CHKDSK command.

If the above measures fail to resolve your issue, then you are not left with any other option, but to re-install Windows Vista operating system. In such cases, the data saved in your hard drive gets deleted. However, you can easily boot your system and store new data after formatting. But, in case, you want to recover your formatted data, then you need to use an advanced Windows Data Recovery Software

A Windows Data Recovery tool is an easy-to-understand application, which allows you to perform recovery without any prior data recovery experience.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a globally recognized Windows Data Recovery utility that recovers data from formatted hard drives based upon Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. Compatible with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT , NTFS and NTFS5, the recovery tool allows you to restore the recoverable data at requisite location.

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