How to Solve Error Code 0x80004005 Starting Windows XP?

Published: 06th October 2009
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When you start a Windows based computer system, it enforces EULA and other license agreements check through WPA (Windows Product Activation). If the process fails, the result could be a completely inaccessible system that cannot boot. Such errors might compel you to reinstall Windows and hence, restore data from backup. Problems might raise if you find data backup currently invalid, to restore which, you need use a powerful Data Recovery tool.

To illustrate such scenarios, consider that you use a Windows XP-based computer system. When you start your computer, you might come across the below error code that prevents your system from starting:

"Error code: 0x80004005"

This error code follows an error statement suggesting that Windows computer has encountered a problem that keeps it from checking the license of the computer.


Windows XP exhibits the above behavior when WPA cannot locate a required file. The file is either missing or damaged. Such issues primarily occur if the file required has been manually edited and/or an antivirus program or a third-party backup tool is interfering with Windows XP installation.


Consider following these methods to fix the existing issue:

If you experience this issue after you upgrade to Windows XP from Windows 98, you should try resolving the issue by performing in-place upgrade repair of Windows XP installation by booting the system from Windows XP CD. If you are unable to resolve the issue, perform uninstall of Windows XP and install the earlier operating system.

You need to replace few Windows files if you haven't upgraded your system. To do so, start the computer using Windows XP CD and execute the following sequence of commands:

cd C:WINDOWSSystem32

RENFile_Name.extensionFile_Name.old (where File_Name.extension are Wpa.dbl, Actshell.htm, Pidgen.dll, Wpabaln.exe, Licdll.dll, Regwizc.dll and Licwmi.dll files and File_Name.old is the new file name)

D: (It can be replaced with the drive letter of your CD drive)

cd i386

Expand File_Name.extension C:WINDOWSSystem32 (Where File_Name.extension are the file names used earlier)


If the problem persists, perform clean reinstallation of Windows XP

If you lose data while the above steps and no valid data backup is available, use a Data Recovery Software that could efficiently recover the lost data without harming any contents. Data Recovery tools are safe products competent to deliver comprehensive Partition Recovery results without any particular requirement of technical understanding.

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